No Time for Exercise? Here Are 7 Easy Ways to Move More!

Too busy to add more exercise to your busy schedule? When you can’t seem to make time for a full workout, try these no-sweat ways to simply move more.

Learn how to Take 10

You found your keys. You found the motivation to clean out your closet. Now you can find 30 minutes in your day to get physically active! Don’t worry, there are plenty of easy, no-cost ways to do it.

Which is better – running indoors or out?

Gym rats prefer the consistency and convenience of treadmills, while others head outdoors no matter the weather. But who is right?

Some say outside wind resistance uses more energy, but researchers found that setting a treadmill to a 1% gradient was enough to compensate for this effect. Running on varying terrain provides a workout for a greater range of muscles. Outdoor hazards such as air pollution, dog mess and security could tilt the balance back towards the gym, but treadmills put athletes at greater risk of injuries related to repetitive movements.

Studies show outdoor workouts generate greater feelings of well-being. Researchers at the University of Exeter who reviewed 11 previous studies in 2011found people felt more revitalised, energetic and positively engaged, and less tension, confusion, anger and depression, when they exercised outdoors. “There seem to be psychological benefits from exercising outdoors,” says Dr Costello. “However, when it’s dark and cold, it can be challenging to get out. So, as exercise physiologists, we’re slow to say one is better than the other.”

Should I eat breakfast before my morning workout?

You might think it wise to fuel up before a long run or cycle, but the latest research suggests you might be better off ignoring your gut instinct.

Professor Dylan Thompson, at the University of Bath, asked a group of overweight men to do two exercise sessions, first two hours after a 600-calorie breakfast and then, on another occasion, with an empty stomach. Tests identified differences in gene expression levels that signalled just how their bodies’ fat tissue responded differently depending on whether they had consumed food or not.

“Internal fat stores are broken down, to a greater degree, to sustain exercise following fasting,” says Prof Thompson. “Following breakfast, energy will come from the food that has just been consumed.”

So, if you want to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, or just lose weight, you might want to skip breakfast before a workout. On the other hand, if you are trying to beat your personal best or competing, go for a high-energy meal two to three hours beforehand. People with type 1 diabetes are, however, advised to eat before exercise to avoid the risk of hypoglycaemia.


Step 1: Idea.

Picture of Idea.

first you need to come up with an idea for a card game. You could make a card game with figures or just cards, or make a whole game board. I don’t really care. But you need to come up with the building blocks that could someday become famous.

Here are some examples:

Subtracting health (Pokemon or Bakugan)
Three strikes your out (Redakai)
Majority (Instructables card game)

Be sure to chose a theme too. I chose a medieval card game with castles and dragons. Then after i chose the theme i chose a title Castle Quest was mine but you can come up with your own. Make sure the title portrays the game too.

How to design and create a card game

A lot of people who heard of (or played) Potato Pirates wanted to know why, and how we developed the game. So we decided to write this article on how we created the game and also share with you resources you can tap on to create your very own card game. (To find out why we created Potato Pirates, check this out).

The Early Ages

When we first conceived the idea of Potato Pirates, we wanted to use card games as a social medium to bring kids and parents, students and teachers, beginners and experts together so that they can have fun while learning something meaningful — programming.

We listed down the concepts that we wanted people to learn: conditionals, loops, variables and sequential logic. This was our first prototype:

Poker cards scribbled with words; crushed pieces of scrap paper as HP counters. Within 45 minutes, we began play-testing our game. The mechanics were simple. You can attack other players using attack cards. Using coding cards like ‘for’, ‘while’ and ‘if-else’ enabled use of your attack cards multiple times. The objective is to destroy the altar which has a variable health.

In this 3-hour rapid prototyping session, we managed to figure out the upper and lower bounds of the starting health of each player, the variation of each card type (e.g. for 2 times, for 10 times) and what are the actions that each player can take during a turn. The coding mechanics felt right, but there was more to making a card game than we realized.

Top 3 considerations when developing a card game

Game world
What is the story? What is the objective? Who are the characters? What are their abilities? How do you link the cards to the theme of your game?

Artwork & Production
If you cannot draw, can you still design a card game? Is it possible to outsource? What is a reliable source? Where or how can you prototype your card designs game and at a cheap price?

Game mechanics
To what extent is the game dependent on luck? How do players win? What actions can players take? Are there opportunity costs for every action? How do players interact with one another?

DIY non-toxic air freshener: 3 ways

After dating for nearly four years, I thought I knew everything about my boyfriend when we moved in together. Goodness gracious, was I wrong! Turns out the man is a fiend for fragrance, totally obsessed with air freshener. (Hey, of all the strange things I could have uncovered, I’ll take it!)

Now this poses just the teensiest little bit of an issue with me considering everything I know about fragrance: it’s basically a chemical sh**-storm made to smell like a bouquet of roses. And by “basically” I do mean “literally.” (See Why your perfume is poison for more information).

So, those store-bought “air fresheners”? Uh uh. No way! Not in my home!

But this is our home, so I knew I needed to compromise.

And this, my friends, is the fruits of my compromise: 3 non-toxic DIY air fresheners.

1. The classic spray air freshener

To make a spray air freshener, you need just four materials: 1) a spray bottle, 2) water, 3) rubbing alcohol (90% alcohol or so), and 4) essential oils of your choice (for each of these, I used just ylang ylang since I really really like it).

Combine 1/2 cup water with 1/2 cup alcohol, and add 15-25 drops of essential oil of your choice (depending on how strong you want the scent). Shake the mixture before spraying. The alcohol will help the spray evaporate more quickly, but be careful, the floor may be a little wet for a minute or so after spraying.

Like my cute little green glass spray bottle? Check out how easy it is to make your own!

diy all natural air freshener 3

2. The oil diffuser 

To make an oil diffuser, again, you need just four materials: 1) a small glass bottle or bud vase, 2) 5-10 bamboo kabob skewers (more skewers = more scent), 3) a carrier oil (sweet almond, safflower, or jojoba oil are light and can easily travel up the skewers), and 4) essential oils of your choice.

Put 1/4 cup of carrier oil in the bottle/vase and add 15-25 drops of essential oil of your choice. Stir the oils together with a skewer, and then place the rest of the skewers in the bottle/vase. Within a couple of hours, the oil should have traveled up the skewers and the scent should be noticeable.

diy all natural air freshener 2

3. The baking soda shake freshener

To make a baking soda air freshener, yet again, you need just four materials: 1) a small glass canning jar, 2) baking soda, 3) a piece of cloth or sturdy paper to cover the jar (which will allow the scent but not the contents to escape the jar), and 4) essential oils of your choice.

Add 1/2 of a cup of baking soda and 15-25 drops of essential oil to the jar and stir them together. Place the lid and jar covering (cloth or paper) on top and you are ready to go!

This air freshener is great since it constantly emits a light scent while the baking soda works to absorb any unwanted scents. When you need more scent, just give it a little shake! This air freshener may or may not have found its home in the bathroom.

These homemade air freshener recipes are awesome


Whenever I’d visit the air freshener aisle at the grocery store.

I’d rub my hands together in delight as I perused the hundreds of brightly-colored packages begging for me to place them in my cart.

The scents always sounded so tantalizing… Island Delight, Fresh Lavender, Strawberry Fields, Boysenberry Splash. homemade air freshener recipes

I’d excitedly pick a few different options and hurry home to try them out in my little farmhouse…

And I was disappointed every time.

Not only did the scents never quite match their descriptions, but they smelled fake and overly perfumey… And they gave me an instant headache.;

The final straw was when I found out my fake-smelling commercial air fresheners also contained nasty chemicals. At that point, I just decided to just have a boring smelling house forever…

Thankfully, I didn’t have to suffer for long.

I’ve since learned there are a myriad of ways to make your home smell cozy and welcoming, without pumping your nostrils full of chemicals.

Essential oils are my favorite trick for making this possible. As you know, I have a diagnosed essential oil diffuser addiction, and I’m always experimenting with other smelly options in my house, like my DIY essential oil reed diffuser.

These homemade air freshener recipes are awesome because:

a) They are all-natural and allow you to experience the health benefits of essential oils at the same time.

b) They don’t smell fake like commercial air fresheners do.

c) It’s cheap to mix them up.

d) You can play around with scents and find what you like the best.

e) Do I really need to give you more reasons? Just go make some DIY air fresheners already!

Shoe Care Tips

Tip #1 Use Cedar Shoe Trees

Did you know during a normal day your feet produce over a 1/4 cup of moisture and up to a 1/2 cup when active? Cedar shoes trees can extend the life of your leather shoes up to three times their expected life span. They draw moisture out of try our shoes; re-awaken the shoe’s natural structural memory; and prevent the leather from wrinkling and cracking.

Aromatic Cedar shoe trees have three basic functions:

The original shape of the shoe is maintained
Using shoe trees daily prevents shoe upper leather from curling and cracking. Leather shape is maintained by the tension of the shoe tree. NuShoe shoe trees are designed to fit properly and easily to nearly all shoe styles on market. Our spring action and split toe design allows the tree to fill the natural shape of your shoe.

The unfinished cedar absorbs moisture
Feet typically perspire an eighth of a cup of moisture everyday. Left unchecked, this moisture is absorbed into the linings of shoes permanently, thus decreasing the life of shoes. By placing shoe trees into shoes every night, moisture is absorbed into the shoe tree from the shoe.

The aroma of cedar deodorizes shoes naturally
Shoe odors are naturally negated with the powerful scent of aromatic cedar.

Tip #2 Rotate Your Shoes

Shoes need a day off. If you want your fine leather shoes to last longer, never wear them for two consecutive days.

Tip #3 Protective Soles

Adding a rubber sole protector prolongs the life of your shoes. Stylishly thin, this rubber top sole protects the outer sole from wear and tear. Water resistant and skid proof, protective soles will greatly increase the life of leather soled shoes.

Tip #4 Use a Shoe Horn

Always use a shoe horn when putting on your shoes. This saves the heel collar and counter from unnecessary wear.

Tip #5 Maintenance

We highly recommend cleaning your shoes on a regular basis, depending on frequency of use. The cleaning method depends on the shoe’s material. Leather can be polished and conditioned with a leather lotion applied with a soft cloth (see steps below). Suede looks best when brushed; although special suede brushes are available, a clean toothbrush works just as well. Fabric should be sprayed with a stain guard.


Cleaning Suede Shoes

Suede gets dirty sometimes, especially if it’s lighter in color. It’s easy to take care of minor stains by yourself, but if they’re really wrecked, you may want to consider patronizing a good cobbler. Below is a list of products that can be very handy when your suede shoes are looking a bit worse for wear.eraser for suede shoes

Suede eraser: Note that using a suede eraser requires quite a bit of elbow grease. To remove a stain, you’ll have to bear down fairly hard, so remember to pace yourself. Brush off any residue with a suede brush.

Protectant spray: Suede protectant will add some water resistance to your shoes. This is an important finishing touch to the cleaning process.

Suede brush: Your suede brush is used for removing eraser residue and for restoring the nap of suede. It’s perfectly alright to use this brush on its own just to even out the nap and give it a bit more life in a pinch. Please note that suede brushes differ greatly from regular horsehair ones (see photo).suede brush and regular shoe brush

Suede shampoo: Suede traps dirt. It’s just what it does. Because of this, it needs to be shampooed from time to time. In case you missed it above, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to shampoo suede:

  1. Take a clean dauber brush and work the shampoo in all around the shoe
  2. Once done, use the same brush to brush the shoes with water until it no longer makes a lather
  3. Allow shoes to completely air dry
  4. Restore the suede’s nap using a suede brush
  5. Apply a suede protectant spray by holding the shoe about a foot away from the stream
  6. Allow to air dry, and wear!

If cleaning your suede shoes at home doesn’t work as well as you’d hoped, your best bet is to drop them off at a cobbler for professional cleaning.

How To Clean Dirty White Shoes And Make Them White Again

How can you clean dirty white sneakers and make them look white again? Getting your dirty white shoes to look new and white once again can be easy following our tips. White sneakers and tennis shoes look great but keeping them clean can be a challenge. We will show you some common cleaning methods and some that are not so common. We suggest trying the easiest ways to clean your shoes first.

Get a toothbrush and something similar to 409 cleaner. Spray the shoes with the multi-purpose cleaner and scrub the dirty areas using the toothbrush. Get a towel to wipe off any excess cleaner as you clean. Keep the toothbrush wet with the cleaner and keep scrubbing the whole shoe until clean and white. You can also try using concentrated DAWN dish soap with a toothbrush. Dawn breaks down grease and will not stain your shoes.

This method works very well if done correctly. Wear some rubber gloves when working with bleach. Also, do not use bleach near carpet or clothing as it will discolor everything it touches. Use a toothbrush and dip it into some warm watered down bleach. Use the brush to clean away the dark stains. This is a very effective way if you have a 2 color shoe where you don’t want to get the other color any lighter.

Use a non-gel white toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste to your dirty shoe using a toothbrush. Use the toothbrush to work the paste into the dirty spots on your shoe. Once it is worked into the shoe, let it sit on your shoe for about 10 minutes. Then take a damp towel and wipe the toothpaste off of your shoe. Repeat this as many times as needed to get your white shoes white.

Empty your dishwasher so that nothing is in it. Run the kitchen faucet next to the dishwasher on hot water to get the water that will be going into the dishwasher hot. Add in your normal dish washing detergent and put your shoes on the top rack facing downward. Run the dishwasher as normal. Once the dishwasher is finished with the wash cycle, take your wet shoes out and place them in the sun. If this is not possible you can put them into the dryer. If you do this, add a couple large dry towels into the dryer with your shoes to minimize the shoes from banging around.

Spray your dirty white shoes with either a carpet cleaning spray or a washing machine stain removing spray. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then put them into the washing machine on the shortest washing cycle using hot water. Doing this will really clean your shoes and make them look new. Your shoes will shrink a little bit so use this method as a last resort.